Walking Naked — My first book

Jon Acton
5 min readJan 22

Walking Naked — Writing my first book

I am an author. What a strange sentence. If anyone had told an 18-year-old me that I would be an author one day, I would have a) assumed you were drunk or 2) you were making fun of me. (Yes, I am aware those are different sequence examples. A shout out to Buzz McCallister from the movie Home Alone. You have permission to smile during this read)

Technically I am a co-author and that technicality is important. My co-author is also my best friend. My best friend happens to be my wife. My co-author, best friend/wife also happens to be the editor of our book.

Which means at different points during this process she not so subtly informed me, that she was ultimately in charge of what goes in or comes out of the final document. She was wrong.

Before I elaborate on her erroneous confidence, let me introduce our upcoming book. (As I type this blog, our book is headed to the printer. We are officially “in line” to be printed!) Our book is titled, “Broken Shells, a Perfektly Imperfekt journey through cancer, leadership and love.” A modern-day “how-to” navigate hard things manual. Together we chronicle our journeys as a cancer patient and caretaker. There are laughs. There are tears. There are reflections on life. There is the realization that we ALL have stuff, whether it’s cancer or divorce, heart disease or depression. We ALL have stuff. With full transparency, the real word is not stuff. There are also honest and transparent discussions on living each day, knowing there is a probable lethal outcome. There are also honest reflections on trying to be a leader during times of chaos. Chaos like small annoyances such as covid and cancer. There are also discussions about love. Not the Hallmarky lovey dovey, Cupid shooting people with arrows kind of love. Rather the blue collar, get your hands dirty, don’t quit type of love that shows up when life knocks you down. Again and again.

If I have piqued your interest at all, I hope you will consider learning more about our story. (www.brokenshells.net) However, this piece of writing is about something else. My wife told me once, that sharing a book with the world is like walking naked in front of strangers. Naked, with eyes constantly judging anything and everything you’ve written, thought about doing or have done. Strangers with critiques on your thoughts, your words, your hopes, your dreams and even your fears. Especially your fears. My wife is smart. She is already an…

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