Random thoughts on Life, Love and Leadership — Chapter One

Jon Acton
2 min readNov 6, 2021

Random thoughts on Life, Leadership and Love by Jon Acton — Chapter One

The author is not famous, overly intelligent and self-aware that many others may write it, think it, say it and do it better. My ramblings of random thoughts designed to promote deeper reflection and conversation

Data is nice, people are nicer.

Is good enough, good enough?

Good leaders talk about doing it. Great leaders actually do it.

Finding slivers of joy in the middle of sorrow is a gift better learned late than never.

There are two ways to do life; ask why? Or ask why not?

Sadness leaves when hope arrives.

Be loyal to the real, be cordial to the fake.

Mustard seeds need rain to grow, just as faith needs adversity to overcome.

Pursuing greatness in any organization creates pushback as mediocrity and good enoughs are exposed.

Being critical of others is easy until mirrors show our own faults.

If there is a problem, fix it and move on.

Cancer is cruel, unrelenting and unforgiving. It does not care who or how many it impacts, what age, status or profession it attacks.

Sometimes love isn’t patient or kind. Sometimes love is hard. If we are lucky, those difficult sometimes create a for all-times love.

Hey cancer…I’m still standing!

Hoist the Jolly Roger…Onward we sail…Expect Victory!

Good Vibes Only!



Jon Acton

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